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Conditional Formatting/relationship/portal PLEASE HELP - reworded for clearer understanding

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Aug 27, 2011
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Conditional Formatting/relationship/portal PLEASE HELP - reworded for clearer understanding


I have a database where I have 6 job categories ( i.e. billable time) with 6 tables all realted to one table - jobinformation

Each category exists as a portal on a tab in the layout Jobs (jobinformation)

Each portal has a Detail tab where more information can be entered about that job.  That tab has a portal is called i.e. billable time selected.  Billable time selected is a table related to job information by __kp_billabletimeID - __kp_billabletimeIDselected which is a global field.

All of that worked fine until I decided to do a conditional value list for the codes that have to be listed under the detail tab.

I set up 3 tables Codesection, CodeSection2 and CodeSectionType.  Code section (type) =CodeSectionType (type)

CodeSection(code) = CodeSection2 (code); CodeSection(description) = CodeSection2 (descripton)

I set up 4 value lists: Type which uses all records from CodeSectionType.

Section, which uses records form CodeSection with records starting from CodeSectionType

Code and Description use records from CodeSection 2 with records starting from CodeSection

I related CodeSectionType to Billable Time Selected by the letter B.  This is a field I set up because there was not common field to relate them to.  The section tables only contain a set number of records - no new records are created when a new job is created or a new billable time entry is created.

If I put the fields from the section tables directly on the portal the conditional values work perfectly, however, they replace every existing record for codes with the current values.

So - I added fields Section (from CodesSection), and Type (from CodesSectionType) and Code and Description (from CodesSection 2) to the layout Billable time selected and placed them on the portal billable time selected.

The conditional values do not work.  Type comes up fine with "tf" and "ec", however Section comes up with records from ec no matter what is selected in type.  Codes and description come up with records from Section 7, type 'tf'. Codes and Description do come up with values related to each other.

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.  PLEASE HELP.  This database is due tomorrow and I can go forward until I can get this to work.

Thanks very much in advance for any help you can offer.

Carolyn Haywood





Carolyn Haywood