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Conditional hiding of tabs in tab control?

Question asked by BenOtto on Mar 11, 2015
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Conditional hiding of tabs in tab control?


Is it possible to use the conditional hiding option for single tabs in tab control?

So, suppose I have a master table linking to several child tables (e.g. customer linked to inquiries, invoices and complaints). And suppose I include a portal to the inquiries in tab#1, the invoices in tab#2 and the complaints in tab#3. Can I hide the tab for the invoices as long as no related record exists?


I suppose that conditional formatting is no option because I might change the text or background color. But this solution would not shift tab#3 to the left just beside tab#1. What I want is a real hiding ... shall mean the tab control really looks as if only the other two tabs exist.


Is this possible?