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Conditional incremental calculation

Question asked by ultranix on Nov 20, 2013
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Conditional incremental calculation



     I need help with calculation formula for the field. All the table contains of pre-set 19 records. I have these fields:

base_number, which can be user entered
increment_pos, which is pre-defined in advanced, values: simple numbers, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 (base number), -1, -2, -3  etc.
number_calc, which is core of the portal i set and need help with calculating (and should calculate the result from base_number, increment_pos and conditional incremental value).

     All those 19 records are put in the portal and show values around the base number, so, if base number is 60 (increment_pos is 0), increment by 5, so sequence goes like this:  
     50 (increment_pos is -2),
     55 (increment_pos is -1),
     60 (increment_pos is 0),
     65 (increment_pos is 0),
     70 (increment_pos is 0), etc.

     However, there are some conditions. For numbers lower than 50, increment is by 2.5. (there are some more, but i would adjust according to this example). So, for example, later previously mentioned sequence would go like:
     47.5 (increment_pos is -3)
     45 (increment_pos is -4)
     42.5 (increment_pos is -5)
     40 (increment_pos is -6)etc.

     I used to count it having such condition:
     Case (base_number+increment_pos < 50;
     but it's not accurate.

     Please help me solve this issue.