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Conditional layout fields

Question asked by Frinholp on May 25, 2010
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Conditional layout fields


Hi all


I would like to create a layout where a field is only editable if a condition is met.


The scenerio is:


I have an inventory database. A stock item is of one of two types, a 'one-off' or a an item that many copies can be ordered. I would like to create an 'Order' layout that allows me to enter a purchase quantity if an item is not a 'one-off' or automatically sets the quantity as 1 if it is a 'one-off' and prevents the field from being editable.


I'm sure these conditions need to be set in 'manage database'. How do I go about this? It would be nice to block data entry into the quantity field on the layout by means of ghosting or something similar. 


Thanks in advance