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Conditional Layout?

Question asked by HeatherFagans on Apr 17, 2015
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Conditional Layout?


I'm trying to create a database with three layouts - layout 1. data entry, layout 2. form which uses 95% of all the fields in the data entry, and layout 3. that will only show fields that have a certain value.

For instance, I'm inspecting a building and entering data in the building record data entry layout, and those fields appear in layout 2, a format that is mandated by the state; if the ceilings and floors need to be repaired (check box field), but the roof does not, the third layout would be generated with only the ceiling and floor fields (quantity, cost), not the roof fields, or any of the other myriad building systems fields.

Picture attached - layout3 is an excel spreadsheet that I would like to recreate in FMP, utilizing the appropriate fields from the data entry layout.