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    Conditional List



      Conditional List


           Sorry, I've posted before but would like to rephrase my question. Originally, i wanted to enter various symptoms of patients by having checkboxes for them - anxiety, depression, etc. I then wanted to qualify the severity of the symptoms - mild, moderate, severe. I was thinking that perhaps after checking the box for anxiety, for instance, a pop up box could appear to select the severity. But after searching through the forum, it doesn't look like this is possible. Unless I am missing something?

           Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should go about entering this data?

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               It is relatively easy, if the severity of each symptom is consistant [ slight, moderate, severe.. for example]

               One way, but not the only way.....

               1) Create a Table of Symptoms and link them with a relationship so that the Questionaire page would view the Symptoms in a portal.

               2) Create a single number field in the Symptoms table that "toggles"  Yes/No

               3) Create a single Text field for Severity and make it Radio Button type with list of Severities like my example

               4) Create a singe Text field for Description of Symptom.

               User fills out form by "check" Yes/No and then selects the Severity of that Symptom [portal row}


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                 Hi Jim,


                 Thanks so much, that should work for me. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this program, though, and was wondering how i would go about creating a table of symptoms and linking them with a relationship through a portal? Is there a tutorial on how to do this?

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                   There should be a tutorial in the FMP package, plus you can Google for tutorials and they have YouTube versions.

              Tables are the list of fields in the database and are organized just like a "paper form" of your thoughts.

                   FileMaker gets its name by electronically producing forms and Files to manage data we wish to reference, select, view, etc.  Like a file system.

                   Look at Contact starter solution.

                   Under the File menu select Manage || Database..  >> to get the Manage Database window.  Three buttons at window top...

              Tables  | Fields  | Relationships

                   Click on Tables to see a list of at least one table to have a Database

                   Each Table is a group of Infomation [fields]  in a logicical group , just like a paper form might be and might be stored in a office file cabinet.

                   To reference or Relate groups of files you use a Group of Tables related by a KEY [reference which is best to be a number]

                   For a Dr. Office simple model


                   1) Patient Personal info  KEY might be Social Security number.  Fields... Name, Address, phone, next of kin, date

                   2) Medical History  Key MedHistory using the Same Key to match patients.  Fields might be your Questionaire.

                   3) Visits and Symptoms again Key using patient's SS# so when you find a Patient ... matching keys for his info is available useing portal

                   4) Prescriptions.  Key again SS#   and Fields needed to show this info.....


                   A bit more complicated, but you connect a patient's SS# in all 4 tables in a graphical format.  Relating his information together.

              One Patient many have Many Visits it is call a One to Many relationship.  The MANY info can be viewed using a Portal.

                   This is a quickie type intro but just remembet to Plan out your Files and Forms and thing how you might want to retrieve and update that information.

              Ready Aim Fire is still the best approach.yes

                   Their are consultants who can help you get a great start or finished product in this formum.  I am experienced and use the forum for learning and helping, but don't make a living as a Filemaker consultant.angel






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                     Hi Jim,

                     Thanks for your help. Just to confirm, if I wanted something like this, would your method work:

                     Anxiety   Severity: Mild, Moderate, Severe, NONE (as a radio button)

                     Depression Severity: Mild, Moderate, Severe, none (as a radio button)

                     Panic disorder Severity: Mild, Moderate, Severe, none (as a radio button)


                     In each case, the symptom would have eto be listed.

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                       Your "Symptoms" table would have a Record for each ie, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, etc.

                       A field on the "Symptoms" table would be Severity that show a Radio Button using a List of  Mild, Moderate, Severe, None.

                       I did a quickie DB to demo by pictures to help...


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                         the Relationship


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                             QuestionTest should have been Labeled "Symptoms"angel


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                               Hi Jim,

                               Thanks so much for your response. I'm sorry for the delay in responding back but I've been away for the past week or so. I created the new symptoms table that you showed me and entered all of the symptons in the table as "text." I was curious what the SympID is for? Is this supposed to be linked to the Symptom somehow? I was also wondering how I would go about inserting the table of all of these symptoms into the patient information questionairre?

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                                 Here's a link to a thread on survey's and questionaires that you may find helpful: Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout.

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                                   I have grown into a database habit of always creating a unique identification number on most Tables i encode.  By referencing tables by Unique ID numbers, facilitates growth of your database in the future.   Computers like numbers to reference with, and being unique make record keeping easier.  it is not necessary to display this SympID, as I did to show you what was happening.

                                   Look at Phil's link for more details.

                                   I just did this quickie idea above, to show in pictures what might transpire.


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                                     Hi Jim,

                                     Thanks for your respond. So I was wondering if it's necessary for me to make a separate table of symptoms and then to insert that table in as a portal. How would that differ from listing all the symptoms in the main patient information table? I was thinking this is not exactly a conditional list as all I am doing is listing symptoms and then creating a radio button for each symptom?

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                                       I like to think for future expansion...

                                       but you can have all that information in one tablewink.

                                       I think about a business who needs an informational form [table] for record keeping.

                                       If you can fit all the information you will ever need on one form, then you only need one table.

                                       But if you decide you need additional information and you don't want to fill out the patient's info on the new form twice...surprise

                                       Then you would make a form [table] of Patient personal information and related by a Patiend ID number to each form, so that just a single number on each new form  and no repeat.  That way you save time and reduce errors.yes

                                       Read back on all my posts to decide and plan your database.


                                       PS: the condional list are the Radio Buttons,  remember I was only presenting pictures of an example to show you.  I don't know what your real database needs are.angel