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    conditional list bug?



      conditional list bug?


           Hello I'm using FM adv 13.0v1.

           I have at least 2 portals with an odd bug (or some problem I've created) The portals have text fields populated through conditional drop down lists. The portals have different associated tables to each other but have basically the same conditional list (the difference is that they are related to different duplicates of the same set of tables, this structure is solely for the purpose of providing access to the conditional list from associated layout objects).

           The lists display the appropriate range of selections (texts) for the conditions that have been previously selected. However, regardless of what is selected at this point, the field is then populated by a text that is not part of the conditional set (it is always the first item (text string) in the full set of options (i.e the one that would appear at the top of the list that would be generated from this field if the list was not conditional)

           I hope that makes sense.




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               I should have mentioned this instance is running on WIndows.


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                 What you describe lacks detail. What you do describe suggests a problem with either the relationships or how you specified the details for each value list in Manage | Value Lists. In order to assist you with this issue we'd need to know:

                 The tables and relationships. How are they linked? By what match fields? TableOccurrenceName::FieldName = TableOccurrenceName::FieldName is a simple form of notation that you can use to tell us this or you can upload a screen shot of your database relationships. But if you upload a picture, please provide the needed additional info about which table occurrence is which in terms of your value lists, layouts and protals..

                 Your layout-portal setups. On what table occurrence is the layout based? (Layout Setup | Show Records From). On what table occurrence is the portal based? (portal Setup | Shoe Related Records From )

                 The specific details inside the "use values from a field" dialog. From what Table Occurrence do you list the values? What table occurrence did you select in: "Include only related values starting from..."?

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                   Hi Phil,

                   I wrote a long text about this and then it all disapeared when I attempted to post it. I've included a snap shot of a part of my map that displays the basic setup.

                   Main layout i'm working from is from the central 'bookings' table.

                   The portals occur in tabs on this layout and are displaying from tables such as 'other charges'

                   "Other Charges' Table and the others that have the same basic function (and problem) have a global field ; Other charges:: Category that defines the set of items that displays in my conditional list.

                   List Setup example based on "Other Charges'  portal instance 

              •           Use Values from first field - Bookings Item Create Edit 3 :: Booking Item Name
              •           Include only related values starting from 'Other Charges'


                   Super Dooper frustrated after losing my last post , have to copy the text before posting next time.

                   Thanks for your help and the notation tips are going to be very handy.


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                     I don't see how what you describe: "regardless of what is selected at this point, the field is then populated by a text that is not part of the conditional set (it is always the first item (text string) in the full set of options" could happen with the settings that you describe.

                     I gather that the correct conditional set of values are displayed, but when you select a value from the list, the table with this value list format displays an entirely different value?

                     That sounds like a problem with your layout and/or portal setup, but it's hard to tell from here. Check the obvious things, Your field in the portal that has this value list should be Other Changes::Item Name, not some other field. Check for any portal filtering or sorting that may be interfering. Even a script trigger on the field or portal might be a factor....

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