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    Conditional opening of a Tab



      Conditional opening of a Tab


           I have a field called "primary address" that is a radio button field with two options - "home" or "buiness."

           I have a tab panel with two tabs - "home" and "business."

           I want a way to enter a record and have a tab opening that depends on the value of "primary address." In other words, if "home" is clicked in the "primary address" field, then when I open that record the "home" tab panel is open. And when I open a record that has "business" selected, the "business" tab panel is opened.




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               Use the Name box in the inspector's position tab to give each tab panel an object name.

               Then use the onRecordLoad script trigger to perform a script such as:

               If [table::radioButton = "home" ]
                 Go to Object [ "objectnameforHomePanelGoesHere"]
                 Go to Object ["objectnaemforBusinessPanelGoesHere"]
               End If

               And if you give the tab panels exactly the same names as your radiobutton field's values, this script can be just one line:

               Go to Object [YourTable::RadioButtonField]