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Conditional or Hierarchical - or are they the same?

Question asked by symbister on Feb 28, 2013
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Conditional or Hierarchical - or are they the same?


     Hi again

     Working on a new solution to manage Parking spaces, in planning stage at present.

     Each Permit is related to one Vehicle, but each Vehicle may have more than one Driver - and a Driver could be allocated to more than one Vehicle

     So, I'm thinking Permit---------<Permit_Vehicle>---------Vehicle>----------<Driver

     Permit::Permit_ID = Permit_Vehicle::Permit_ID

     Permit_Vehicle::Vehicle_ID = Vehicle::Vehicle_ID

     Vehicle::Vehicle_ID = Driver::Vehicle_ID

     Vehicle::Vehicle_ID = Driver4CondValueList::Driver_ID

     On the Permit layout, I'd like to choose a vehicle from a drop down, which then presents a selectable list of Drivers linked to that Vehicle. Each combination of Vehicle and Driver would need a different Permit.

     I've tried deconstructing a few demo solutions (including Phil's ConditionalValueList demo) but not getting very far - I know that I need two TO's for Drivers but do I also need two TO's for Vehicles - and how do I set it up on a Permits layout? and value lists would all 'Start from' Permits ?

     all / any help appreciated