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Conditional Portal Relationships

Question asked by aammondd on May 7, 2010
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Conditional Portal Relationships


Before I go too far in testing this idea I wanted to know if there is anything that may create a hangup for this or if there is simply a better way to do it.


I have a Person Table with different types of people it in. I collect several types of information about these people in a few different tables. Each of these are one to many relationships  though some types of people may not have information in each of the tables because its not relevant.


What I was considering was creating a calculation keys in each record that combined the personID  and the type of record it was and possibly a third key field. Then I was going to create a global record that allowed me to select the various keys values.

I was also going  to create a calculation record that displays the data based on the global keys selected.


I was thinking of doing this by running a script trigger off the changes in the global keys to create the appropriate number of keyed calculation records based because Ill need 1 keyed calculation record for each child record from the appropriate table.


Im working in FMP 10 Advanced on a Mac


It would be so much easier if I could set the relationship of the portal by Calculation or Field Value but that too would present problems.


has anyone done anything like this.

I was going to have an "Edit" ,"+" and "-"

to allow to change add or delete the related records because they couldnt change anything in  the calc table.


Any thoughts are appreciated.