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Conditional Printing from 2 Tables in a Database

Question asked by GeorgeM on Aug 21, 2009
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Conditional Printing from 2 Tables in a Database


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I am trying to print Name Badges from two tables based on aconditional “Find” in Table 1.


Table 1 contains records with myriad information and fields.  Each record has a unique “file number ”field which links it to Table 2. Each file number represents a unique “company” entity (Company name,address, etc.).


In Table 1 there is a field in each record in which I put a“y” if I want to print out meeting badges for people from that companyentity.   Table 2 contains thefirst and last names of people from the various company entities who will beattending the meeting.   How doI print out the name badges based on the above?  I can print the badges based on Table 2 but I can’t limit itto only those companies who I have identified with a “y” in the appropriate Table1 field.


Secondly, I have spouse’s names included in Table 2.  If a spouse will be accompanying theperson attending, I put a “y” in a “Spouse Attending” field in Table 2.  How do I also print a badge for thespouse based on the above?


I am a new user to FileMaker.  I previously used Access and have converted the above Databaseand Tables from Access to Filemaker.


Thanks for your help.


George M 

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