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Conditional Relationship possible ?

Question asked by jungovox on Aug 3, 2011
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Conditional Relationship possible ?


Hi again,

I have a CUSTOMERS Table relationship that matches via an achorbouy in our main file 'staff user record'

from a global pop up

(fields = Territory, inside rep, customer)

The relationship is essentially
Territory = Territory

This shows our inside reps all customers in a selected territory

What I'd like to do is change this relation to match

 inside rep = inside rep (so our guys can view a list of all of their customers in all territories

I've noticed that relationship elements are AND and there doesn't seem an option for OR...

Sure I could simply create another relationship and all new sub relationships - but a conditional relationship would be way less messy.

I suppose I could replace the data in the relationships... via a script - but that might be messy for all the other calls to these tables.  

any thoughts ?