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    Conditional report



      Conditional report


      I have been testing Filemaker Pro 10 with a view to changing from Windows based Acess to an Apple OS using Filemaker Pro


      I want to run a report, or even a simple listing, from a single table. There are 3 criteria for the report.


      Field A contains a supplier ID number.

      Field B contains simply a "Y" or "N"

      Field C contains simply a "Y" or "N"


      I want to run a report that refers to a specific number in field A and then a "N" for each of fields B & C as a list.


      In Access it is a 30 second job using a query. I have been searching all over this website but cannot find a solution. Any ideas please?


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          This can be done with a simple find request. You can perform a find by hand or in a script so as to automate the process. You can use table view to view your results.


          Have you performed finds on your database yet?

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            Thanks Phil. That works fine. I had been working through the tutorial and couldn't see the wood for the trees. The find option is very quick and easy once you know. I did not realise that you could select mutli fields.