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Conditional Sum Function

Question asked by gmremson on Feb 8, 2010
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Conditional Sum Function


I am looking to conditionally add a field from a series of records together to create a calculation.


I have the Master Address List (MAL) and Donations databases linked by an MAL_ID field. When I use Sum(Donations::Cash Amount) function I get the grand total of all the donations for each MAL address.


I wish to add together the donations made for the current year together to get the total for the current year only, thus eliminating the previous years from the calculated total.


Ideally I thought the following would work . . . Sum (If (Year(Donations::Date)  ≥  Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ; Donations::Cash Amount))


Alas, the above function does not work. Could someone steer me in the right direction to create the formula?