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Conditional Summary Field

Question asked by KhineOo_1 on Sep 5, 2012
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Conditional Summary Field


Hello All,


If I may pose a question to my fellow FMP users Smile


Before I continue, let me give a sample example of what my database consists



Risk Description: Text
Probability: Number (Ranges from 1 to 5)
Impact: Number (Ranges from 1 to 5)
Score: Calculation= Probability * Impact


I would like to create Summary fields to count the risks based on their Probability and Impact and be able to place them in a "heat map" format (example shown below), where there will be 25 Summary fields with the risk counts showing in each box based on their probability and impact ratings.

As it is right now, I can only think Embarassed of having 25 calculation fields based on the ratings. eg. if (prob=1 and impact = 1; 1;0). And then after, have 25 Summary fields doing a sum on each of the 25 calculation fields. These 25 Summary fields will then be arranged in a 5X5 square format. Is there any shorter way of doing this? Thanks a mil.


Example: If there are 4 risks, one with probability 4 and impact 5, one with probability 5 and impact 4, and two with probability 3 and impact 2, i should get the following display



                         1        2        3        4        5



 Prob.       3                2

                4                                                1

                5                                      1