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    Conditional Summary?



      Conditional Summary?



      I am trying to create a field that shows the average for all the non-blank fields for all records that meet a criteria on a table. 

      So, for example I have a Table with the following fields:

      • -Date
      • -True or False
      • -Numeric Value being averaged (It could possibly be blank)

      Now, I wanna be able to take an average of the value for all records matching either True or False and also between a set of dates. I also want to ignore the records where the field I'm averaging is blank. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be eternally grateful.

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          You can use a summary field for this, selecting the Average of your numeric value field.

          In a summary report, you can use finds and sorts to find the records you want to group them by date and whether the result is True or False.

          If you place this summary field in a subsummary part, you'll get the average for that group of responses.