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Conditional text formatting in Value Lists

Question asked by adrianmoore on Jun 3, 2013
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Conditional text formatting in Value Lists




     Ok database is set as so...

     Table ( Stewards ) first name , last name NewSteward ... DisplayName ( is First & Last ) <<-- Conditional fomatted to Green if No or Red if Yes


     Table ( Roster ) in here AM1 AM2 PM1 PM2 are related to Stewards via Steward ID , AM1 and so on are picking up data from DisplayName ( as a Value List ) however conditional will not work , Data is being displayed in a portal.

     Now... the portal next to this one does work just fine, but is not using Value Lists , Is there anyway to achive this formatting for a vaule list that is picking up its data via another table?


     Filemaker pro 12v4 , Mac OS 10.8.3

     Screenshot attached