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conditional value

Question asked by RashinAlizadeh on Jul 20, 2011
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conditional value



I am also having trouble with the conditional  values. I feel like it's pretty simple but have spent days on this  without much success.

My database is supposed to help file documents for our office  (tell us where they are). The user will choose under what headings the  document fits to help narrow it down. Example: For a certain document  hey will choose the Administration heading to be led to all the  categories which fall under ADMINISTRATION heading selected, then they  have to choose the FILE type, then the SUBFILE type.

Here is the breakdown of what they have to choose from in order:

They must first choose from a HEADING


then a FILE

then a SUBFILE

The  problem I am having is that when I choose the category the only options  given are the FILEs for the first CATEGORY even though I have selected a  category other than the first. The same problem occurs with the options  for SUBFILE. I am only provided with those associated with the first  FILE although I may have selected the second FILE.

I have created  seperate tables for each step the user has to make a selection. I have  created my value list to "use values from field" and use "only related  values from" the relationship it has with the independent variables  connected via a relationship.

*I have attached a picture of the Data entry page where the user will input the info for HEADING, CATEGORY, etc and a picture of my relationships table.