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    Conditional Value List



      Conditional Value List


      Good day all, I used the tutorial here: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5833/~/creating-conditional-value-lists to create a conditional value list. My list consists of sectors and industries. Based on the sector selected, a list of industries is offered. The tables are Sector & Industry. In the Industry layout, the conditional value list works flawlessly. However, I have several other layouts where I need this list setup to function. For instance, in my Company layout, I need this conditional value list to establish what sector and industry and a company belongs to. However, it just is not working for me. I have tried creating new table occurrences that have a relationship to sector and/or industry field in the Company table in various fashions, but it just is not working.

      I've seen where others have posed similar questions, but I just cannot crack it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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          For each layout based on a different table occurrence than your original set up, you may need to define a) a new relationship and b) a new conditional value list that uses that relationship.


          Say that in Companies, you want to Select a value in Companies::Sector in order for the value list in Companies::Industry to display only industries that are a part of that sector.

          Define a new relationship between companies and and a new occurrence of sectors:

          Companies::Sector = CompSectors::Sector

          Then define a new value list that lists values from CompSectors, starting from Companies.

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            Thanks a lot for the response, I really appreciate it. I have been experimenting around with it, to no avail. But I have a feeling there probably is just one simple thing I may be overlooking. So, I will continue to try and get it in order. Thanks again for the response.

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              Feel free to post exactly what you have set up, the value list, the relationships, the layouts (and their specified table occurrences) if you want an extra pair of eyes to look over your set up and see what went wrong.

              You can also download and examine this conditional value list demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/f8NsU2DJ/ConditionalValueListDemo.html

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                Thanks for the help. I went through your demo file thoroughly and realized where I was going wrong. Rookie mistake. I had my relationships and table occurrences quite off. But I simplified everything and started from scratch, and it is working like a charm! Thanks again for all your help! I really appreciate it. It was driving me nuts. 

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                       Hello I've tried to download a demo file but site didn't let me unless I log in with some social network. Is it please possible to move the file somewhere where it's downloadable without registering?