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Conditional Value List

Question asked by ClayReed on Oct 24, 2012
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Conditional Value List


     I’m creating a filemaker application for our photo studio that involves creating a Project and then adding Assets to that project. I have three tables; “Projects”, “Assets” and a join table “Project Assets”. On my Projects Layout I have a portal that displays records form the “Project Assets” table. I have a drop down menu (value list that pulls from the assets table) to select an asset to add to the project. When added, the asset ID and project ID become a new record in the “Project Assets” table. Everything works fine. Now the issue. Once an asset (record) has been added to the Portal (Project Assets table) I would like the dropdown (value) list to omit records that already exist in the “project assets” table thus avoiding duplicates. I know this must be some calculation but I have no clue how to make this work. I hope this makes since.