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    conditional value list



      conditional value list



           I am new to FileMaker Pro 12 and I am setting up a contacts database. I understand that you cannot create a submenu in drop-down list in FileMaker and I am having trouble figuring out conditional value lists. I have looked at a couple of tutorials and still can't figure it out.

           What I need to do is create a drop-down menu that will list the category of the individual (Funder, Partner, Vendor, Celebrity, Artist,,Other). And, if you select "Vendor" or "Artist" the next field should make you pick from a list of sub-categories. The sub-categories apply only to these two main categories.

           Please tell me the best way of setting up the database to achieve this. 


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               I will call the table on which you base your layout "LayoutTable" and the table from which your value list will list values filtered by category "ValueTable". And they can be two occurrences of the very same table.

               First you need a relationship:

               LayoutTable::Category = ValueTable::Category

               Then, in Manage | Value Lists, you create a new value list with the "use values from a field" option. When you click specify to select the fields used for the value list, select ValueTable in the drop downs at the top of this dialog. Then select "Include only related values, starting from LayoutTable".

               You now have a value list that will only list values from the records in Value table that match to the currently selected Category in LayoutTable::Category. Normally, LayoutTable::Category is set up with a value list of categories.

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                 Thank you so much, I have the two fields set up and working now. There is only one problem, every time I pick a category from the first menu I have to change the subcategory in the second menu manually, it does not reset itself.

                 For example If I pick Artist in menu 1 and pick Singer in menu 2, Singer in menu 2 remains visible in the second field even when change the choice from menu 1. How do I get the second menu to automatically show the first item of related list?

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                   You'd need to put a script trigger on the category field that performs a script to clear the second field. OnObjectSave (drop down list) or OnObjectEnter (popup menu) can use a single set field step to do that.

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                     works beautifully, thank you!