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    Conditional Value List



      Conditional Value List


           I tried using PhilModJunk's advice with this user who seems to have the same problem as me! I followed his instructions to a T and yet I am not getting the results I want. This is the link http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/1ebc83718f .

           Tables: Inventory 3 and Purchase Orders.

           Relationships: Type in both Inventory 3 and PurchaseOrders. Item in both Inventory 3 and PurchaseOrders 2. Category_Shop in both Inventory 3 and PurchaseOrders 4. 

           Drop down list for Type works. Drop down for Category_Shop works. But the drop down ITEM list only shows items in the same department and ignores the category_shop step. What did I miss?

           Thank you


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          /files/23286cfe61/Screen_Shot_2014-07-28_at_3.17.53_PM.png 1112x953
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            ADDITION: The Item field in this shop order form is from Transactions:Item. Type and Category_Shop are both PurchaseOrders
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               What values do you want to see in the drop down for Category_Shop? It looks like you want to see values from Inventory filtered by the value you've first selected in the PurchaseOrders::Type field. Is that what you want? If so, then I can see no errors in the CatOfItems value list, but there's a key detail not shown in your screen shots: What "starting from" table occurrence did you select? It should be PurchaseOrders from what I can see here. Note, one quick test to try if you have Purchase Orders specified as the "starting from" table occurrence and this is still not working: Temporarily put a portal to Inventory 3 on your layout. The records that appear in this portal should be the same records that supply values to your conditional value list. Once this is working, we can take a look at the second conditional value list.
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                     Yes you are correct. In the Inventory layout each item is assigned as install or assembly and then a category is chosen for it.

                     For EX. 20" Extension Cylinder     Department: ASSEMBLY Category: CYLINDER

                     So when I select "Type" = Assembly, Cylinders pops up in the Category_shop pop up menu (because I only have Cylinder entered at the moment in the database.) But when I select "Item" drop down I get a list of all ITEMS that have ASSEMBLY listed in type instead of all items that have ASSEMBLY as type and Cylinders as Category_shop. 


                     Category_Shop when clicked will pull information from inventory::category_shop which is controlled by a custom value list. 

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                       I may have just fixed it as I was playing around. In the value list for "item" (Name of Items) I changed the starting from from PurchaseOrders to PurchaseOrders 4. And it shows what i've entered

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                         I'd test that idea by creating a new purchase order and testing the value lists again. Also try changing to different existing records and testing. Purchase Orders 4 will have its own found set and current record that is not necessarily the same as Purchase Orders.

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                           It works!