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Conditional Value List

Question asked by NaturSalus on May 31, 2012
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Conditional Value List & Picker Interaction



I have been using extensively and with success Phil Caulkins Picker demo (enhancedvalueselection).

It works fine as long as the record field value you are picking from contains an easily recognized value like a "Digestive System" and not its primary key value, let's say "2".

The reason I am running into this problem is because the picker is getting values from a related record field that contains the record primary key (__kp).

The related record from which the picker picks is a field that gets its value from a Conditional Value List.

So in my case the picker gets the "Disease", "Body Organ" and "Body System" field values from the "Disease" table. The problem lies with the values of the Body Organ and Body System fields that return numbers instead of names.


The established relationships between "Disease" , "Body Organ" and "Body System" is shown in the attached image.

"BodyOrganDisease" is a second table occurrence of "Body Organ".


In the "Disease" layout based on the Disease TO I have the following fields:






The conditional value list between the  Disease::BodySystem and the Disease::BodyOrgan fields is set as follows


The Disease::BodySystem field has a Popup menu to "Body System" value list with the following settings:

"BodySystem::__kp_BodySystem and BodySystem::BodySystem"


 The Disease::BodyOrgan field has a Popup menu to "Body Organ" value list with the following settings:

 "BodyOrgan::__kp_BodyOrgan and BodyOrgan::BodyOrgan"

 Include only related values starting from: Disease

Show values only from second field


My question is, how should I modify the Conditional Value List settings so that they return BodySystem::BodySystem and BodyOrgan::BodyOrgan instead of BodySystem::__kp_BodySystem and BodyOrgan::__kp_BodyOrgan, so that Phil's Picker returns teh disered values ( BodySystem::BodySystem and BodyOrgan::BodyOrgan) ?