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Conditional Value List - having a heap of issues

Question asked by gizmocreative on Dec 6, 2010
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Conditional Value List - having a heap of issues


Hi There

I have been reading tutorials all day and my database does not seem to work with the conditional database being the issue.

I have a relationship in my database which is straight forward

line items >- products

and i had a pop up menu (product category) in the product table that used custom values and then had the same menu available in line items so when selecting a product category., the second pop up menu (product name) would auto populate with the products from that category. it was all fine, but i realised the way they were related was all wrong, i believe the tables were related by category which is a big no no, plus choosing a category brought up a price for the product and choosing a product from the next product menu didnt change the price.

so I rethought my strategy and found a heap of tutorials and came up with the following solution:

line items >- products : related by productID

line items >- sales category -< products_bycategory : all three related by salescategoryID (products_bycategory is a TO of products)

so in the line items layout i have a pop up menu that gets its values from the sales category table (salescategoryID 1st & category name 2nd)

the second pop up menu is supposed to be populated from the products_bycategory TO (salescategoryID 1st & product name 2nd) include only related values starting from (Line items)

this pretty much duplicates the demo file i got from a tutorial that works, but im getting <No values defined> in the second pop up menu

can someone let me know if im doing something wrong?