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    Conditional Value List - having a heap of issues



      Conditional Value List - having a heap of issues


      Hi There

      I have been reading tutorials all day and my database does not seem to work with the conditional database being the issue.

      I have a relationship in my database which is straight forward

      line items >- products

      and i had a pop up menu (product category) in the product table that used custom values and then had the same menu available in line items so when selecting a product category., the second pop up menu (product name) would auto populate with the products from that category. it was all fine, but i realised the way they were related was all wrong, i believe the tables were related by category which is a big no no, plus choosing a category brought up a price for the product and choosing a product from the next product menu didnt change the price.

      so I rethought my strategy and found a heap of tutorials and came up with the following solution:

      line items >- products : related by productID

      line items >- sales category -< products_bycategory : all three related by salescategoryID (products_bycategory is a TO of products)

      so in the line items layout i have a pop up menu that gets its values from the sales category table (salescategoryID 1st & category name 2nd)

      the second pop up menu is supposed to be populated from the products_bycategory TO (salescategoryID 1st & product name 2nd) include only related values starting from (Line items)

      this pretty much duplicates the demo file i got from a tutorial that works, but im getting <No values defined> in the second pop up menu

      can someone let me know if im doing something wrong?


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          What you describe should work. Some detail somewhere's not right and it's keeping a record in LineItems from matching to a group of records in Products_Bycategory. Check each detail of your relationship definitions carefully--making sure that each pair of match fields are the same data type. Inspect your data and make sure that they really have matching data like you would expect. Confirm that the values in your list are drawn from products_bycategory and not products.

          You can also simplify your relationships:

          LineItems.CategoryID = Products_byCategory::CategoryID

          will work for you and simplifies your relationship graph by eliminating the need for one TO here.

          If all else fails, you can upload a copy of your file to a share site and post the link here so that someone can download it and look at it.