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Conditional value list - probably missing something silly

Question asked by VeronicaDaigle on Jul 18, 2012
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Conditional value list - probably missing something silly


Ok, so I have made one other conditional value list that works, but for all of my playing with this one for a few hours, it still does not filter out any values. I essentially want the user to select 2 dropdown boxes in a table called Variables. The two fileds are ActiveClient and ActiveProject, both are global fields.

ActiveClient has a list based on all of the clients, no filters. Once a value is selected/modified a script runs which goes to the table called Project Information, and sets the field ProjectInformation::ActiveClient=Variables::ActiveClient, then goes to the Variables::ActiveProject field and clears it.

The user clicks on the dropdown for Variables::ActiveProject, and selects from a list of projects where the field ProjectInformation::Client=ProjectInformation::ActiveClient by using a value list called ProjectsByClient. Or at least that is what is supposed to happen, right now the value list shows every single project for all clients. I am sure there is something simple I am missing, I tried playing around with the contexts of the value list, but nothing seems to change it. Below is pictures showing how I have the relationships set up and the value list. I used a self-join in the project information table to relate ProjectInformation::Client=ProjectInformation::ActiveClient, and I told the value list to only show related results from those two tables.


Please someone tell me that they see where I went wrong because I have been staring at it for hours trying to figure it out and nothing is jumping out at me, although I am sure it is something simple!