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Conditional value list 4 deep.

Question asked by lushmind on May 1, 2010
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Conditional value list 4 deep.




I am running FMP 11 Advanced on a Mac with aspirations for IWP.


How would I do nested conditional values 4 deep?


The fields I have are as follows: prgm_Location, prgm_Date_Begin, prgm_Date_End, and prgm_Accommodation and these are in table called "Programs".


The other table is "Registrants", with the same fields plus Registrant_ID and Registrant_Name. The user is to start in the Registrants table by chosing a location, and then in the next field would be displayed the beginning dates that apply to only that location, the user makes a choice, and then moves on to end dates that apply, and then finally to the accommodation of choice that pertains only to that particular location, start date, and end date.


The kicker here is that I can get all the options for each field to appear in a field (ie. all the start dates for a given location), but I want the conditional options to be matched to one record in the Programs table. An example: Once the location is chosen (ie. Madison), there are the possibility of these start dates: 6/6, 7/11, 7/25, and 8/6. The possible end dates are 6/18, 7/23, 8/6, and 8/20. Let's say I chose a start date of 7/25. As I currently have it, all the possible end dates appear after I chose 7/25, including dates prior to the program even beginning - 6/18 and 7/23 ideally would not be appearing - that is my goal.


I currently have a table called "Registrants" and a table called "Programs" with this relationship: Registrants :: prgm_Location = Programs :: prgm_Location. And my value lists are as follows:


Registrants :: prgm_Location has a value list of programs :: program_Location.

Registrants :: prgm_Date_Begin has a value list of programs :: program_Date_Begin (related values only).

Registrants :: prgm_Date_End has a value list of programs :: program_Date_End (related values only)

Registrants :: prgm_Accommodation has a value list of programs :: program_Accommodation (related values only)


Assistance would be awesome and counts towards karma scores.


Thank you.