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    Conditional Value List dependent on two other fields



      Conditional Value List dependent on two other fields


      Hi everyone,

      I just started using Filemaker 14 and I have an issue I just can't figure out.

      I have 3 product levels that are based on each other using condiitonal value lists. The final amount of products is about 200 so they are divided into 3 categories and about 15 subcategories. 

      There is also a field for the failure key. This is also a conditional value list based on the product. 

      I now want to make it possible to have the failure key depend on the subcategory in some cases and on the product in other cases, so basically the failure key has to depend on two different fields that are both conditional value lists themselves.


      I have tried figuring it out but I can't figure out what the relationships should be like and what should the table for the failure key look like.


      I hope someone can help me.

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          What you describe is a bit difficult to picture, but it sounds like you want what I call a "Hierarchical Conditional Value List" and you want the option of getting a list of values after first selecting one of two different values that differently filter the list by a different type of "category". But I could easily be misreading your post.

          You might look at the Hierarchical Conditional Value List examples found in:

          "Adventures In FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists" which can be downloaded from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oj15fqp1uakg0d7/Adventure%201%20CVLs.fmp12?dl=0

          One example has a CVL that always lists values. If none of the category and sub category values are selected, you get all values in the list. If you select a general category you get a list of all items in the general category. But if you then select a sub category, the same field and same value list shrinks further to just the values in the sub category.

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            Hi Phil,

            Thank you for you're answer.

            The hierarchical CVL is close to what I want but...

            In my problem it is not the case that an option of the lowest level only belongs to one higher level option. 

            My lowest level is basically a set of characteristics that can belong to different products. (in a city example a city can only belong to one state), therefore it is not possible to base the product name on a selected characteristic (as it is possible to base the state on the name of a city). 

            Therefore I don't think that I can solve my problem with a hierarchical CVL.


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              I don't see how that will keep the hierarchical method from working. I suggest taking a closer look at the examples provided. One version uses SQL queries to pull up the desired list of values and the fact that you are querying for values with a characteristic that is not exclusive to a given category does not keep the query from finding all records with that characteristic.

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                One of my subcategories has about 60 products. Then there is the list with failure keys that depends on the product for most subcategories. Except for this one and another one. I want to save some time by not having to type every product with its ten characteristics in the table.

                Also because I am creating this database for someone else and I don't want them to have to go to the trouble of checking all 60 products if they want to add a characteristic to that subcategory. 

                Is this possible to do with the hierarchical method?


                Sorry for my stupid questions, I have only been using this program for about a week now.