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Conditional Value List for a Portal

Question asked by NaturSalus on May 24, 2011
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Conditional Value List for a Portal



I have two tables:



Process table fields:




Document table fields:

__pkDocument ID



What I want to achieve is to have a portal on the Document layout where to put the processes and processes steps where a document is needed.

For instance, Document 1 could be needed at:

Process 1 step 1

Process 1 step 5

Process 3 step 4

Process 10 step 2

Process 10 step 5


I surfed the web in search of help and I got an example that describes how to setp up conditional value lists both for fields and for portals.

No issue on the fields part. However, for the portals you get the same portal field values for all the records what doesn't make any sense.

 Since I couldn't upload the file in the post, the link to that example file is:

Any help on what is wrong with this file or any suggestions as to how to setup a conditional value list for a portal is much appreciated.