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Conditional Value list from a self-join relationship

Question asked by jessieleah on Nov 8, 2012
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Conditional Value list from a self-join relationship


     I have a Master Training List that has classes that are broken down into Catagories.

     I want to be able to create a conditional value list to be used in another table based on Catagory selected then of course you should get the corresponding classes.  I have created CVLs before but they were done the traditional way.  I tried to create one based on one table (using a self-join relationship) and I cannot seem to make it work.

     How it would work is an employee or their manager can enter their employee record and go to the portal which is the Training Schedule (this is related to Master Training List)  The catagory they select - say Paygrade Advancement then the Class field would show only classes listed under Paygrade Advancement catagory.  

     I don't know if can be done and if it can - maybe I'm relating something wrong or not enough relating?  It didn't make sense to relate the Master Training List to the Employee table because the Training Schedule is the go between of those two tables.  Any thoughts you have would be good?  If it requires a calculation of some sort - you may have to spell it out because I'm not calculation saavy.  :)