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    conditional value list from value list?



      conditional value list from value list?


      I would like to indicate that people are authors, agents, or editors (in some cases may be more than one type), and then would like to indicate their role in the creation of a book.  So I have a person table with the name, and (I hope) a check box set showing "Author" "Agent" or "Editor" (as custom values in a value list).  I have a book table with fields for author, agent, and editor, and would like to use drop-down lists, based on the check boxes selected in the other table, to select authors, agents, and editors.

      I've done the tutorial on conditional value lists, and understand how this is done using related fields, but is it possible to use a value list to create a conditional value list in this case?

      Thanks for any help, I have been trying to figure this out for a week...

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          Here's how I read your post:

          Say you have three People records:

          Jim Smith: Author, Editor
          Jon Jones: Editor, agent
          Mary James: Author

          The value list for Author would be Jim Smith, Mary James
          Editor: Jim Smith, Jon Jones
          Agent: Jon Jones

          That what you need?

          You can set up relationships that match a text field storing one of these three values to the check box formatted field in order to get your conditional value lists.

          Here's how you'd do it for "Author":

          Define cAuthorKey as a text calculation with "Author" as its expression.

          Define the relationship as

          Books::cAuthorKey = People::CheckBoxField

          When you have a list of values in a field used as a match field in a relationship, the records match if any one of the values in the list match the value of the field on the other side of the relationship.