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Conditional Value List in Portal - I'm not getting it :(

Question asked by RandyS_1 on Aug 6, 2010
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Conditional Value List in Portal - I'm not getting it :(



I'm using the Invoices Starter Solution in FM 11 to create a database for a dance studio. The analogy being, customers are students, products are classes. The wrinkle is that the classes are seasonal and when I want to select a product (class) from the line item portal on the invoice it shows a list of all products (classes). I just want to show the ones for the current season.

So I have created a "Season" fields in classes database with values like this. "2009-2010", "2010-2011".

I have set up a "Current Season" field in the User Preferences table and it is set to "2010-2011".

When I create a new invoice I auto enter the current season into a new Season field in the Invoice table. I may not need to do this but I've been trying different relationships to filter the class list to the current season.

On the Invoice layout the portal shows the Line Item values linked by the product ID.

The value list drop down list on the Product ID uses the "Related Products" relationship.

Well I'm not quite getting the connection between the relationships I setup and the conditional value list thing in the portal. I've been going through other forum posts on this and I apologize but I'm just not "getting it".

I just want my value list to be the class names from the current season. Do I need to do something like alter the Related Products relationship to include an extra condition where, ie Season = Current Season?

Any help is much appreciated.


PS: Do you know where I can find an example of how this type of conditional list is built on the fly using calculations in the Advanced version?