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    Conditional Value List Issue



      Conditional Value List Issue



           I have a table "Event Records" that i have created a relationship to a "Distributor" table, which holds a DistributorID and DistributorName as well as a RepID and RepName.  The DistributorID is related to a "houses" table, which holds a HouseID and HouseName.

           I need a conditional value list, so that when you are in an event record, you can choose a distributor (from a value list derived from the table Distributor), and then based on that selection, a list of RepNames are available for you choose from.

           I have a relationship from a field in event records::RepID to Distibutors::RepID.  I can not get a related value list to work.  what am i missing?



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               You need a relationship that matches by DistributorID.

               Evetn Records::DistributorID = DistributorsByID::DistributorID

               Then you can format Events::DistributorID with a value list of DistributorID's and DistributorNames from the DIstributor table. Then your conditional value list of RepID's and RepNames can be set up to list values from DistributorsByID with Include only related values starting from Event Records.

               Note: I called the table occurrence DistributorsByID to distinguish if from your current relationship that matches by RepID. By duplicating the table occurrence for Distributors, you can define two different relationships: 1 that matches by RepID and one that Matches by DistributorID.