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    Conditional Value List Limiting Relationships



      Conditional Value List Limiting Relationships


      I am using Filemaker v11.  i have a database for managing vehicle cost savings ideas.  I am using a conditional value list so when I select the Fiscal Year, the Vehicle Model list is filtered to only models of that year.  The two tables I am working with are Idea Entry and Vehicle Volumes.  My relationship is for fields Fiscal Year to Fiscal Year in these two tables.  The conditional value list works with this relationship except when I select the year it grabs the volums from the first record that matches that year.  If I add other fields to the relationship the conditional value list breaks and the Vehicle Model displays "<no values defined>".  In the Ideas Entry layout, I need it to allow me to select the Fiscal Year, then the Vehicle Model, then pull in other fields such as volumes from the Vehicle Volumes records.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          You need separate table occurrences of the same table so that you can define one relationship for your conditional value list and a different relationship for matching to a specific model and year.

          In Manage | Database | Relationships, select Vehicle Volumes by clicking it. Then click the duplicate button (has two green plus signs) to make a new occurrence for this table. You haven't duplicated your table, just added a second label that refers to the same table. You can double click this new occurrence box if you want to rename it to something more descriptive than "Vehicle Volumes 2".

          Here's a tutorial on Table Occurrences that you may find to be helpful in understanding how this works and how you can use this concept to get more from your FileMaker database:  Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?