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Conditional Value list not working Please Help!

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Aug 31, 2011
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Conditional Value list not working Please Help!


This is a summary of all the post comments I have made regarding this problem which I have narrowed down over the past 6 days.

Table jobinformation

Table Billabletime

     - Table Billabletimeselected is an occurance of table Billable time

Table Codes

     - Table CodeType is an occurance of table Codes

     - Table CodeType is an occurance of Table Codes

      - Table CodeCode is an occurance of Table Codes

Table occurance billabletimeselected has a field job id and a field billableid 

Table Job Information has a field job id and a global field billableIDselected.


JobInformation::JobID = BillabletimeSelected::JobID


Jobinformation::billableIdSelected = BillabletimeSelected::billableID


CodeType::type =CodeSection::Type



I have 4 value lists based on the relationships of these tables.

1. Type = Codetype::type; all values

2  Section = CodeSection::section; related values from Codetype

3  Code = CodeCode:code; related values from CodeSection

4 Description = CodeCode::descripton; related values from CodeSection


I have two tabs with 2 portals on a layout based on table job information

tab 1 = billabletime portal from table billabletime

tab 2 = billabletimeselected portal from table occurance billabletimeselected

each record is connected by a button with the script:  "'set field jobinformation::billableidselected;billabletime::billableid"

Portal billabletimeselected has 4 fields based on the value lists above: Type, Section, Code, Description.

Each field as the appropriate value list assigned to it.

When a new record is created the field type works - a pop up menu appears with two values to choose from.

When you click on section, code, and description, it says "no values defined"

that is my problem.

If I set the value list for section, codes and description to show all values  - the pop up menu works great - all 30 sections show, as well as all 300 codes and 300 descriptions.  So there must be something wrong with the relationships of the code table occurances.

PLEASE, ANY HELP WELCOME.  I have to migrate this data on Saturday  and can't finish the database until I have solved this problem.  

Thanks in advance for any suggestion, tips, advice etc you have to offer.

-Carolyn Haywood