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Conditional Value List Portal Difference FMP13

Question asked by chuckburr on Feb 14, 2014
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Conditional Value List Portal Difference FMP13


     In one simple sentence what is the difference of how you setup a conditional value list in a portal vs. a record?

     I can easily create a conditional value list based on a value in a record (or table view) but how does it differ in a portal? The value list should change as you go do different portal rows with different related values as it does in a table view but it does not. I am always getting the same filtered value list regardless of what record I am now or what value is in the portal. It is filtering, not giving the entire list.

     For a record or table view, you simply choose a relationship for "Use value from first field" and the same base table for the "Include only related values starting from:"

     How does the setup vary for a portal?

     Thank you,

     Chuck Burr

     Restoration Seeds
     Ashland, Oregon