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Conditional Value List Problem. Driving me crazy!!

Question asked by DanielMensch on Jun 9, 2013
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Conditional Value List Problem. Driving me crazy!!


     To start off, I am fairly new to filemaker. I've been mucking around for about a year now and have run into a problem or two every now and then but I am spending to much time on this problem so here it is.....

     I am creating a database for foundation work that involves a golf tournament. I have an Invoice Layout in which somone can pay for the golfers and or sponcership packages. The golfers need to belong to a team (Foursome). We do other events like beef and beers, horseshoe tournaments, bowling and so on. This is important as the number of players to a team can change. So I figured I would create teams based on the events and have a TO that is less than the max number set for each team within the EVENTS table. The problem resides in the calculation needed to figure out how many ATTENDEEs are on a TEAM. I figured I would use a summary field or calculation field to figure the amount of ATTENDEEs assigned to the TEAM but a calculation or summary field cannot be indexed, therfore cannot be used in a relationship for the conditional or "dynamic" value list. Is there a correct way to do this??? I have tried lookup fields and some basic scripting with no luck. I can't seem to get the alternative fields to update when I need them to.

     Any thoughts and answers would be greatly appriciated. I usually don't reach out for help unless I absolutly have to but as it says in the title....Driving me crazy!!! I know it is something simple, I am just not seeing it.