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Conditional Value List relationship mess

Question asked by SwissMac on Nov 19, 2010
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Conditional Value List relationship mess


I followed the tutorial that creates the menu.fp7 file and successfully got it to work as a standalone concept, but I cant work out how to integrate it into my slowly building tax admin database (I can't work out which table to link to my existing relationships).

The tutorial says to create a primary table, menu (which lists all the available foods) and a second, identical table called Order (which lists the specific set of foods in a single order). Can this work if Type and Item are in different tables? If not, which one do I use to link to other tables?

In my Tax Admin database I would like to conditionally select the Gemeinde (Community) based on which Kanton (City/State) was first selected. Each Kanton has many Gemeinde, and each Kanton also has other features which I don't want to have to type in over and over again for each Gemeinde (eg deadline dates, fees etc), which I would have to do if Kanton and Gemeinde have to be in the same table (one Kanton has 231 Gemeinde in it so I don't want to have to repeat the same Kantonal deadlines for each Gemeinde).

If somehow Gemeinde can be in a different table to Kanton, but still be part of the Conditional Value list it would be great. At the moment they are in the TaxOffice table which is linked TaxOffice -< TaxReturn to the rest of the database. Is a Conditional Value List method using 2 tables possible?

If Kanton and Gemeinde have to be in the same table (Tax Office, do I just duplicate this table and somehow link TaxOffice 2 and Tax Office in the same way as Menu and Order are linked (if so, which table is the equivalent of Menu and which the equivalent of Order?

Sorry if I'm vague, my head's spinning a bit and I'm rushing to get this question up before the weekend... (I must the the only one silly enough to continue working on this when I go home!)