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Conditional Value List Relationships Help

Question asked by IgnacioRosenberg on May 19, 2011
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Conditional Value List Relationships Help


Hello All:

So, I looked at the example for conditional value lists and followed it through and it worked great.  Now, when I tried to do a 3-level one on my database, I've clearly screwed the pooch.  I'm assuming I've built my relationships wrong, but I'm not sure how to set them up for this.

Right now I have 4 tables:

  1. Brand (Brand, brandID)
  2. Model (Model, modelID, brandID)
  3. Part (Part #, partID, Description, Picture, modelID)
  4. Final (Brand, Model, Part#, Quantity, partID)

I've set the relationships linearly, so that:

  • Brand::brandID=Model::modelID
  • Model::modelID=Part::modelID
  • Part::partID=Final::partID

Eventually I'd like to be able to choose a Brand on one drop down list, then a Model for that Brand and then a list that fits that particular model, and input the number of parts I want to put on the record.  I'll use portals for pictures and descriptions.

Right now though, I get values on the Brand drop down list and every other one is empty.  I've set the Brand one to "Include All Values" and the other 2 related (Model starting from Brand and Part starting from Model).

Clearly this linear way of doing it doesn't work, can anyone give me some pointers as to how I could set these relationships/value lists up?