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Conditional Value List showing truncated (only one) value on list

Question asked by deraymen on Jun 24, 2014
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Conditional Value List showing truncated (only one) value on list


     I have created a table that has ITEM, WO, SEQNEM as columns.   There are multiple, WO for each ITEM and etc...

     The table is presented as a view from a SQL database Table

     I have created 3 Table Occurrences, to be used to create three value lists.

     TO#1: starting table Occurrence -> used to create the ITEM value List

     TO#2: Related to TO1 via the ITEM - > used to create the WO value list set up to show the value related from the TO#1

     TO#3: Related to TO#2 via WO -> used to create SEQNUM value list set up to show values related from TO#2

     I have set up fields on my layout with Drop Down value lists for ITEM, WO and SEQNUM.

     The problem is that I do get entries generated on the value lists, but I just seem to only get the first one that comes up on the list.  In other words, I have six WO for one ITEM, but only the first WO shows up in my drop down.

     I have other conditional value lisst on my layout, arranged similarly, but I do not know why this one does not work.

     I have verified that the SQL view I get has all the values I would expect to get.  It is just that the conditional value list filtering is filtering out everything but just the first value.

     I would appreciate some help.