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Conditional Value List that shows All if prior Value list is not selected

Question asked by bvondeylen on Dec 22, 2014
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Conditional Value List that shows All if prior Value list is not selected


I have 3 value lists, that work as Conditional Value Lists, but I need them to work when the prior value list is not selected.

Schools - Titles - Names

If School is selected, then only the Titles (if Title field is selected) at the school should display. Only the Names at the School should display if Names is selected.

If School is not selected, then ALL Titles should display (or ALL Names should display).

If ONLY Title is displayed (and school is not), then only Names with that Title should display.

So, I guess this really is a Multiple Conditional Value List I am looking to create, but don't know how. I can figure out the top down, but not the random selection value list. 

Is this possible?

So, to recap, the lists are (in order), SCHOOLS  -  TITLES   - NAMES

But someone may want to find all school district people that are Educational Assistants (not caring about Schools). Currently, because of the Conditional Value List, if they don't pick a school, the TITLES value list is blank. I want the Value List for TITLES to show all TITLES when the SCHOOLS value list is empty, but ONLY show TITLES available at the SCHOOL when a school is selected. Same with Names. When no SCHOOL is selected, and no TITLE is selected, all NAMES should appear. If no SCHOOL is selected, but TITLE is selected, than only those names with that TITLE should appear. AND when SCHOOL is selected AND TITLE is selected, then only those NAMES at that school with that title should appear.


Any help appreciated.