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Conditional Value List with indirect relationship

Question asked by AdinBurroughs on May 6, 2014
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Conditional Value List with indirect relationship


     Apologies, I know this is pretty basic, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the "filemaker" way of doing things. 


     I'm trying to get a conditional value list with an indirect relationship to work, but I'm having some issues.

     Scenario: (refer to image)

     3 tables: questions, sources, and chapters

     relations: questions.sourceID<—sources.sourceID—>chapters.sourceID

     My value list is two fields, chapters.chapterID & chapters.chapterTitle. As a condition I tried including only related values from the questions table. (And once, for the heck of it, the sources table)

     result: "no values defined", if I include all values, I do see all entered chapters, for all sources.

     I also tried creating a second instantiation of chapters, chapters 2 and creating a direct relation questions.chapterID—chapters 2.chapterID and a value list based off of chapters 2.chapterID & chapters 2.chapterTitle) and the related values from the questions table with the same result.

     Help! I've created other conditional value lists with no issues, but they were all based off of simple direct relationships.


     Two followup questions (if I may):

     -Is there any way to sort a two field value list based off of the first field if only values from the second field are shown?

     -Is there any way to include three fields in a value list? i.e. chapterID (hidden), chapterNumber, and chapterTitle? 


     Thanks for your help!!