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Conditional Value list with two fields.

Question asked by WinstonChurchill on Oct 28, 2010
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Conditional Value list with two fields.


I have a field the records from which I'm using as a value list and want to add one more value to it that doesn't appear in the values from any records for that field.

Rightly or wrongly I approached this by creating a second field, just for the term I wanted to add to the value list, then used the 'Use values from field' option in the Value list set up, checked 'Also Display...' and 'Include all values'.

In my resulting drop down menu, the option from the second field was on the same line as one of the options from the second field. I've tried swapping the positions of the fields in the VL set up and swapping from sort by first to second. I get different results each time, sometimes I only get items from one field, other times I get a few but not all from one field and the value from the second field on the same line as one option from the first.

What am I missing here.