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    Conditional Value List Without Using Global Fields



      Conditional Value List Without Using Global Fields


      I’ve searched the forum for answers on Conditional Value Lists, but cannot seem to find an answer to the following:

      We have a database with two tables, table “A” contains fields for data entry and table “B” contains reference fields, global fields & values used for multiple conditional value lists, all of this is working great.  However, the only way I have been able to make conditional value lists work is by using “global” fields to store values.

      What I'm trying to do is apply the same conditional value lists to “text” fields rather than “global” fields so that when a new record is created in table "A" the conditional value selected can be stored in a text field and record. Multiple users will be creating multiple records, in order to reduce the number of values in some of the value list(s) we want to use conditional value lists were possible.  

      Any suggestions and/or  help is greatly appreciated…thanks!


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          Here's a thread on setting up conditional value lists:

          Custom Value List?


          No reason why you should have to use a global field. Compare what you're doing to the methods in this thread and let us know what you're doing differently.

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               Thank you for the follow-up!  I will take take a look at this and let you know my findings.
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                 Success at last...thanks to your help!

              It's tough to explain all the detail, but here's a bird's eye view on what I had to do to get this to work.

              Following the thread you provided I used option 2 being that I was half way there already. I realized that there were two areas that were causing the problem so I broke them down below and added my solutions:

              "...When setting this up, specify the values as coming from the Table Occurrence you used in the above relationship and which points to the table containing your values. Select the "include only related values starting from" option..."

              Part 1 Solution:

              1) Converted all container fields to text fields in table "B", reference file
              2) Created additional relationships from reference table "B" to the primary table "A" that referenced separate values, such as customer, product, product flavor, etc., to be used as value lists in table "A"

              "...and select the other Table Occurrence (the one that the first table occurrence connects to in your relationships graph) as your "starting from" choice. Usually, this second table occurrence is the same as the Table Occurrence your layout refers to..."

              Part 2 Solution:

              For that part I referenced seperate relationships in the "Use Values From List Field", these were the same relationships that I had add in the previous step; basically a seperate reference relationship for each value list.

              Thank you very much for your help!