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Conditional Value List Without Using Global Fields

Question asked by jgonzo1 on Dec 4, 2009
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Conditional Value List Without Using Global Fields


I’ve searched the forum for answers on Conditional Value Lists, but cannot seem to find an answer to the following:

We have a database with two tables, table “A” contains fields for data entry and table “B” contains reference fields, global fields & values used for multiple conditional value lists, all of this is working great.  However, the only way I have been able to make conditional value lists work is by using “global” fields to store values.

What I'm trying to do is apply the same conditional value lists to “text” fields rather than “global” fields so that when a new record is created in table "A" the conditional value selected can be stored in a text field and record. Multiple users will be creating multiple records, in order to reduce the number of values in some of the value list(s) we want to use conditional value lists were possible.  

Any suggestions and/or  help is greatly appreciated…thanks!