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    Conditional Value List, connecting other layouts



      Conditional Value List, connecting other layouts


      Hi there,

      i have been trying for days now to get my 4 tier list to work with another layouts.

      This is what i have done.

      i have 4 propup fields with information like Door Type, Door material, Door Hardware and Door pass or fail. so when i select Door type a list pops up and i choose , and it follows from there.  all this work fine. 

      What i want to do is start with the building details layout, then be able to start listing the doors that are located in a building. so i might find 10 doors. The end result is a report that lists all the doors and the building details at the top of the report. And then i start a new building and start list again. 

      i have tried to use relationships, but no go. 

      What am i doing wrong

      PLEASE HELP this is sending me batty.


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          How have you structured the Table for this layout?

          Is each set of Door fields on a separate record or have you defined groups of fields within the same record for each door?

          Using groups of fields within the same record will require very complex sets of multiple relationships. If you use a related table to list the doors, you not only are able to set up a completely flexible list of doors for a given building, but you only need one set of relationships for your hierarchical conditional value lists.

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            I have set up 4 fields on one layout. Each field needs a be clicked and flows from there. Field 1 - door type will come with fire door, exit door or smoke door. I then choose one, then field 2 - I choose timber door or solid or metal, and so on for each field. Is this the wrong way of achieving this. The table or field will have many items to choose from, if I can get it to work. At the moment I have the tables linked( relationships)  by the a building address, will I need for more links. I hope I am explaining enough. Thanks for your comments so far.
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              The key to this is how you set up the relationships. Intuitively, most developers new to the concept think in terms of these relationships:


              WHen you acutally need all 3 tables (or occurrences of the same table) to link directly to the layout's table:


              See this thread for more on a hierarchical conditional value list:  Conditional Value List Question

              Additional links on conditional value lists:

              Forum Tutorial: Custom Value List?

              Knowledgebase article: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5833/kw/conditional%20value%20list

              Demo File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6qf0z9fnem3uxd/ConditionalValueListDemo.fp7

              Feel free to post follow up questions here if those links aren't enough to get your value lists working correctly.

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                I have more, I was thinking I need to explain a lot more. I have a table with building details, inspector details, date of inspection and so on. I then Have a table ( inspections of doors) that records the door info and that is linked to four tables called door data, door data 2, door data 3 and door data 4. Each has a relationship to each other and back to inspection of doors table to produce the 4 tier fields. The building details table will not follow on to the inspection of doors table. They are linked by the field Building name. Any more needed let me know. Thanks again.
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                  That's just enough to confuse me. I can't picture from your description what tables contain the data used for these value lists nor why you would have 4 separate tables named Door Data.

                  You'll need to map this out in a lot more detail and it my first reaction is that you most likely have structural design issues with your database that go far beyond the issue of getting your value lists to work.

                  One way that helps describe your tables/relationships is to capture a screen shot of Manage | Database |relationships cropped to remove blank space and then use the controls below Post A Answer to upload it with your next post. That probably won't be enough detail on it's own, but it will be a good start.

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                    Sorry for the confusion i will try again.

                    i have attached a screen shot of the relationships between tables.

                    This is what is have,

                    table#1 is called Despatch with the property details.

                    Table # 2 is called Order, this has the conditional Value List with popups lists.

                    Table # 3 is called REport, this will list all the door that i find in a building

                    i have Data , data2, Data 3 and data 4 all connect via relationships. this is where i entry all the data for the popup list (Conditional Value list) 

                    so form the order table( layout) i choose the  type that gives me the choice of Exit door, Fire door or Smoke door, so i choose fire door.

                    Then from choosing is choose Item field that gives me the door materials for fire door popup, the choices are Metal door or Solid Core door, so i choose Solid core.

                    Then from the Add_ons Field i have the choose from Deadlock installed or compliant hardware, is i choose Deadlock installed.

                    Then from the Place placement field i choose Non compliant. 

                    and then repeat the this over, depending on the number of doors i have in the building.

                    That all works fine, i can choose from a multipule of choices. 

                    Know this is where i am getting lost, i want the building details such as Building Name and Address to show up on the report that lists all the door for one building.

                    At the moment all i let is a list of all the door that i have list and no connect to a building. 

                    so what can i do?, will this be able to work.

                    i hope this explains it better, sorry again i am not the best a explaining stuff in writing.


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                      /files/a65c62acda/Screen_shot_2012-08-04_at_5.03.53_PM.png 1205x658
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                        i have Data , data2, Data 3 and data 4

                        I don't see any such table occurrences in your screen shot of the relationships.

                        I see a menu, menu 1, menu 2

                        all linked by a field named "type". IF these are what you mean, please describe what of these tables each contain. They are separate tables and not different occurrences of the same table? (If of the same table, you'll see the same data source table name when you hover the mouse over the upper left corner.)

                        The relationships shown will not support a hierarchical conditional value list. Each of the tables must be linked to a different field in your order table as I have previously described.