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Conditional Value List, connecting other layouts

Question asked by danton31 on Aug 2, 2012
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Conditional Value List, connecting other layouts


Hi there,

i have been trying for days now to get my 4 tier list to work with another layouts.

This is what i have done.

i have 4 propup fields with information like Door Type, Door material, Door Hardware and Door pass or fail. so when i select Door type a list pops up and i choose , and it follows from there.  all this work fine. 

What i want to do is start with the building details layout, then be able to start listing the doors that are located in a building. so i might find 10 doors. The end result is a report that lists all the doors and the building details at the top of the report. And then i start a new building and start list again. 

i have tried to use relationships, but no go. 

What am i doing wrong

PLEASE HELP this is sending me batty.