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Conditional Value List, Without Relationship

Question asked by mbarndt on Jul 17, 2013
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Conditional Value List, Without Relationship


     So I am building a DB to track containers that hold computer hard drives. When adding a new entry (A hard drive) to the DB I need to select which box it is in. I want this to be a dropdown that only shows boxes available from the boxes table. I acheived this by setting my relationship between "Inventory" and "Boxes" to Status = BoxStatusMatch. So the trick here was setting the "BoxStatusMatch" for all hard drives to auto enter "Available". So when I use the relationship for the value list it will only show boxes i which status = Available. 

     This works great but I also need to be able to show how many items are in each box. So if I am looking at a Box record it will show that X number of hard drives are in this box. I alos want to be able to show the Box Type field on the Inventory entry layout so users know what type of hard drives are in that particular box. Well that would be easy if I had the relationship between "Inventory" and "Boxes" set to "Box Number" but then my conditional value list wouldn't work. 

     So what is the easist way to keep my conditional value list, but also show the # of items in a particular box?

     Would it be better to setup a portal to the "Boxes" table and filter that by Status = Available and make a way to populate the "Box Number" field for the new entry when highlighting a specific box from the portal?