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Conditional value lists

Question asked by Amy on May 26, 2009
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Conditional value lists


With the help I received on my previous question, I've made progress designing my database, and now I've reached another point where I'm stumped.


I'm working on keeping track of placements of students with research groups (before I was calling these "mentors" but I've changed my terminology). A student is only in the program for one year, but we tend to work with the same research groups over and over again. When I'm looking at a record in the context of the Students table, it's entirely appropriate to have a value list pop up with all of the research groups and to use that to create a placement record. However, when I'm looking at a record from the Research Groups and creating a placement, I don't want my value list to have every student who has ever been in the program; I only want to be able to pick from the students who are in the program this year.


I've created a table called This Year. It only has one field (Year) and one record (the year is 2009). (There are two TOs of it in my graph.)


relationship graph 


Right now, when I'm on a layout of the Research Groups table, I can create a placement by picking a student from my All Students value list. What I want to be able to do is have a "Year Students" value list that only shows the students from this year.


Here's what I've tried:


value list

Unfortunately, when I try to use this value list, it says no values defined. (It works great with my All Students value list.)


And so my question is: When I'm in a layout of the Research Group table and using my portal to my Placements table so that I can create records in Placements, how do I have a pop-up value list that only shows the students from this year?


And if that's too easy :smileywink: , when I'm looking at a record in the Placements table, I'd like to be able to assign specific Research Group Staff to the placement via a conditional value list that only shows the staff members who are assigned to that Research Group.


Any advice is appreciated.