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    Conditional Value Lists



      Conditional Value Lists


      Does anyone know if you can create a conditional value list?


      For example, I have an inventory of tools with a field "Additional Training" which is yes or no depending on whether additional training is required to operate the tool.


      I want to create another field that lists (in checkbox) only those tools which require training (additional training=yes).


      This may be an easy fix, however my brain is gone today... the office is loud and my weekend starts tomorrow... hard to get stuff done.



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          There are two approaches that I know of:


          Method 1: 


          Define a calculation similar to:


          If(additional training = "yes"; ThefieldWhoseValueYouWantInthelist; "")


          Now define your value list ot refer to this field for your value list.


          Method 2:


          Define a self-join relationship that links a field that always contains "yes" to your additional training field. Define your value list to specify your value field in it's original table, select the "only include related values from" option and choose the other table occurrence of your self-join relationship.