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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by sj_silva on Aug 3, 2009
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Conditional Value Lists


I'm working on an Asset Tracking database that will hold information for print products within my department. One of the ways we will tag the information is with labels of what the product is. These labels ideally would be applied by drop down/pop-up menus. For Example, Book, Poster, Card set, etc.


What I need help is how to create Conditional Value  lists beyond two columns that eliminates choices as the user puts in data about the product. I was able to use the Creating Conditional Value Lists in the Knowledge base to get to a certain point. Excellent how-to, but I need to take this to the step which would be the following:


If the user selects Lunch (Type) > Soup (Item) >  they would then have the option to pick the Size. Right now with this demo, if you pick Lunch you only see the options available for under this type. The next thing I want it do is only show the sizes available for Lunch/Soup, maybe bowl or cup. Or if it is a sandwich, small, medium, large or wrap. I can setup, but it shows all the sizes available under the Type/Lunch. I've set this up exactly according to the Knowledge base and then added the third column, but everything I've tried doesn't work. 


Should I be pulling the third choices from a script or a calculation field? Is there a way to build value lists on the fly from data being viewed? Any help appreciated.