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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by mantabrook on Nov 20, 2009
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Conditional Value Lists


I am creating a database that will be used for billing. I have an Accounts Table and Billing Table. The Accounts table keeps the contact information. The Billing table is for generating invoices based on what projects were done for the individual accounts. For each Account there is a department and budget number. I am able to create a conditional value list on the billing layout that allows the user to select the main account and then see only the departments for that account. What I would now like to do is based on the user input of main account & department have the budget number for that department auto-populate. I've tried to create multiple level CVLs but that hasn't worked so far.




One main account is Academic Services. For this account there are the following departments (w/ corresponding budget numbers): Admin (7100), Science (1100), Professional Development (7393).


How can I make it that if someone selects Academic Services and then Admin the budget number will automatically display 7100?


I'm VERY new to FM & I have no training. I'm learning by "feel".


Thank you for any help you can offer.