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Conditional Value Lists

Question asked by CaitlinM on Aug 2, 2011
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Conditional Value Lists



I have a conditional value list set-up between Disease and the Disease Classification. The Diseases and Disease Classifications also have codes, which i have related to other tables. Here are my tables:

Patient Info: Disease; Disease Classification

Disease: Disease; Disease Code

Disease Classifications: Disease Classification; Disease Classification Code; Disease

Disease 2 (Table Occurrance 2)

The Disease and Disease Classification field in patient info are related to their respective table (Disease Table and Disease Classfication Table), so that they are related to the disease codes. 

I set up a second Disease table occurrance so I could have a conditional value list - when a disease is selected, only the disease classifications related to that disease will pop up. 

On the layout, the Disease and Disease Classification fields are displayed. I set up the value lists:

Value List: Diseases - show values from Disease Table

Value List: Disease Classification - use values from Disease Classification table; Only display related values from Disease 2 (Disease Table Occurance 2). 

The drop down list works fine for the Disease. But when I go to select the disease classification, it is a blank list. When I remove the "only display related values from Disease 2", I am able to select a specific disease but it displays all the diseases and I want only the related disease to show. 

Thank you for your help.